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Save Big with Streaming Depositions

Our clients are saving at least $1,100 on per-person travel-related expenses when they attend out of town depositions remotely using Henderson Legal’s LiveLitigation streaming feed. Click this Link to view a 2-minute video showing how Henderson’s time-saving technology works. Read More

Deposition Trends to Watch for in 2018

Henderson Legal Services analyzes key deposition trends and gathers feedback from thousands of attorneys. We share these insights to keep you current on new technologies and to offer practical, economical solutions for your practice.

The demand for Internet-based deposition streaming increased substantially from 2016. Attorneys and their corporate counsel are more frequently attending depositions remotely. Read More

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma Response Team
Hurricane Irma was another natural disaster that took a toll on the Southern United States and the Caribbean. Just as we helped prepare for Hurricane Harvey, we aim to take care of family, and country. Read More

Harvey Path
Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey decimated the Gulf Coast, especially Houston. This harsh reminder has invigorated our need to empower and care for our friends, family, and country. Henderson Legal was proud to provide complimentary live video/text streaming services (LiveLitigation) to our clients affected by this tragedy. Our clients are our family. As the country braces for what could be another potentially devastating hurricane, we want to ensure that we continue to care for them as best we can and in as many ways as we can. Read More

So, Where Do You Work?

It’s a common question we all get asked. At parties. By relatives.  By neighbors.

There are two answers to this question.  There is the “where do I go every day to work” answer and there is the “where is my work conducted” answer. Read More

Best Advice Ever For Deposing A Witness

Throughout our many years at Henderson Legal Services, we have arranged close to 100,000 depositions. I have been honored to work with many of our nation’s outstanding attorneys from some of the world’s great law firms both large and small.  As a “fly on the wall” so to speak, I have been privy to how these men and women have prepared for and successfully deposed their witnesses. The list of great advice I have gleaned from these legal legends would be a long one.  Read More