Harvey Path

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey decimated the Gulf Coast, especially Houston. This harsh reminder has invigorated our need to empower and care for our friends, family, and country. Henderson Legal was proud to provide complimentary live video/text streaming services (LiveLitigation) to our clients affected by this tragedy. Our clients are our family. As the country braces for what could be another potentially devastating hurricane, we want to ensure that we continue to care for them as best we can and in as many ways as we can.

Henderson Legal designated certain members of our team to respond and prioritize any clients affected by the hurricane that was in need of any of our services. Looking ahead, our goal is to reinforce our dedication to our clients and anyone who needs support. We are available 24-7 and last-minute. Clients will always have access to a live team member who is familiar with your case.

Reach out immediately to Henderson Legal Services if there is any way we can be of assistance. Click here to schedule a deposition.