Litigation Support

Assigned Case Manager

For large cases, you will be assigned a Henderson case manager. The case manager will coordinate the scheduling of all depositions as well as the customized delivery of transcripts, exhibits, media and invoices.

Customized Document Delivery

You can always have it your way! Your Henderson case manager will create a standing order for your case or your firm. We deliver your documents in the format you need.

On-Line Document Repository

Download or search for your transcripts and exhibits on our secure document repository. Every transcript is stored electronically and is easily accessible by you and your team. Conduct word searches within documents or search globally for witness names or terms. Work collaboratively within the repository with co-counsel and share annotations and notes. Learn more.


Certified Live Note trainers will show you how to use real-time tools to maximize your productivity.  Hundreds of new attorneys have benefited from complimentary training on our repository and video synching products.