Nationwide Court Reporting

Locations covered by Henderson Court Reporters

U.S. Deposition Coverage

U.S. Deposition Coverage

Nationwide Court Reporting

Henderson Legal has reporters in every state and province in North America. Our court reporters and videographers have transcribed and reported depositions in hundreds of cities nationwide. Henderson reporters will also travel to remote locations when necessary. Since 80% of the AmLaw 200 law firms have used Henderson Legal for their nationwide court reporting needs, we have the experience to cover the most complex litigation requirements. You are one click away from a qualified court reporter and videographer-no matter where your deposition is scheduled to take place.

Certified Court Reporters

Henderson has over 3,000 certified court reporters around the world with experience handling every type of litigation. We screen our reporters for skills, experience and professionalism to insure they meet our strict requirements. Henderson will provide the best court reporter based on the specific requirements of your case.

Real-Time Depositions

View the transcript on your laptop as the deposition is taking place. A real-time court reporter enables you to leave the deposition with a rough copy of the transcript so you can make highlights and notations on your draft. Loaner laptops will be provided at your request.

Remote/Streaming Internet Depositions

Nationwide Court Reporting

Eliminate travel time and related expenses by attending your deposition remotely. All you need is an internet connection and there is no software to purchase or download. Communicate securely with co-counsel and experts through instant messaging as you view all participants and exhibits. Learn more.

24-7 Live Client Support

A member of your Henderson Legal support team will be available 24-7 by phone. Need a reporter last minute? Missing a transcript or exhibit from a previous deposition? You will always have access to a live team member who is familiar with your case.

Assigned Case Manager

You will be assigned a Henderson case manager responsible for coordinating all your depositions. Your case manager will customize all deliverables based on your unique case needs. When you call Henderson, you can be assured you will be communicating with someone who knows you, knows your case and knows what you need.

Online Transcript and Exhibit Management

Easily access and search all of your case documents and exhibits. Our invaluable search tools allow you to search by witness name, key word, date or location. You may also annotate documents and share work collaboratively with co-counsel. Learn more.