Worldwide Court Reporting

Court Reporters Where You Need Them

Henderson court reporters and videographers have transcribed and recorded depositions throughout Europe and Asia.

U.S. and International Locations

You Need A Sophisticated Business Partner Who Will Meet The Challenges Of Scheduling Your International Depositions.

Henderson Legal has decades of experience scheduling depositions worldwide. To date we have coordinated depositions in twenty-three countries. We know the local jurisdictional rules and have the resources to meet these requirements. Need a location? Henderson will secure conference rooms in most cities around the globe and, if necessary, coordinate scheduling with the local U.S. Consulate. Time zone challenges are met by our “round the clock” accessibility.

As an example, HLS recently provided certified real-time reporters, videographers and interpreters for 75 depositions in an ITC case that included depositions in Japan, Sweden, South Korea, Canada, Norway, England and 7 states across the U.S. As with most multi-party cases, the dates, times and locations were subject to frequent change – and usually after normal U.S. business hours. As always, Henderson had court reporters, interpreters and videographers in Asia and Europe who could be redeployed as circumstances changed.