Why In-House Litigation Counsel Are Embracing Remote Deposition Technology

According to a report from Thomson Reuters, the top priority of legal departments is controlling the costs of outside counsel[1]. That’s no surprise, considering that 68 percent of legal departments are taking on more work without corresponding budgetary increases. Meanwhile, hourly rates for outside counsel are rising for 71 percent of survey respondents. In order to cope with this disparity, legal departments of all sizes are leaning heavily on technology to improve efficiency. Of the many solutions available, remote deposition streaming is one of the most promising.

In our conversations with the litigation counsel of Fortune 500 companies, they view remote deposition streaming as a cost-effective way to add value and increase efficiency in the discovery process. Remote deposition streaming allows corporate legal departments to:

Keep Abreast of Corporate Litigation

With just five minutes of training, remote deposition streaming can reap big benefits. In an eight-party case, our technology remotely streamed 60 depositions that took place around the country over a span of 45 days. Some days included two or three simultaneous depositions, making travel to all of them impossible. In-house counsel were able to remotely view key witness depositions and communicate directly with deposition counsel on a real-time basis.

Maximize Time Efficiency

One corporate patent counsel at a major pharmaceutical company traveled to key witness depositions in Europe until a snowstorm forced him to stay home. Watching a deposition remotely turned him into a staunch supporter of the technology because it saves him the cost and hassle of traveling while still allowing him to communicate with deposition counsel: “Going to Europe used to be fun, but at this point in my life I would rather save the two full travel days and $5000 in airfare.” Remote deposition streaming saves on travel, but what’s even more important is that it enables corporate counsel to be “at” the deposition without ever leaving their office.

Get Greater Return from Litigation Budgets

Shrinking discovery budgets make it difficult to send multiple outside counsel to a deposition. With remote deposition streaming tools, junior attorneys can conduct a deposition while more experienced attorneys and corporate counsel watch remotely and provide real-time feedback and advice. Streaming the deposition remotely also allows expert witnesses to view and assist deposition counsel at a fraction of the cost of travel.

Sixty-five percent of corporate legal departments1 seek to allocate work to firms that are proactive in reducing costs while still providing first-class service. Making effective use of technology like remote deposition streaming accomplishes both, and it differentiates outside counsel from the competition by demonstrating their commitment to value and customer service.

Henderson Legal Services CEO, Chip Henderson, Esq., has pioneered the use of technological innovations in the court reporting industry for the last 25 years. For more information, contact Henderson Legal Services and learn how we can help support your commitment to your clients.


[1] Thompson Reuters, 2018 Legal Tracker LDO Index.