5 Benefits of Scheduling Depositions As Early As Possible

Litigation is often a high-stakes and fast-paced business that does not always provide the luxury of comfortable lead times ahead of deadlines. But if you can schedule depositions as early as possible, it will help to maximize the quality of the service you receive and minimize the cost of court reporting services.

Here are five key benefits of scheduling depositions as early as possible:

  1. Secure most qualified court reporter

The best court reporters are in high demand and, as a result, their calendars tend to fill up quickly. By booking a deposition as far in advance as possible, you are able to select from a larger pool of available, experienced court reporters. This improves your ability to secure the assignment of the most qualified court reporter for your specific deposition needs.

  1. Obtain cleanest transcript

Just as litigators need to invest time in case preparation if they are to do their best job for the client, court reporters can deliver a higher quality service to you if they are given more lead time. Advance scheduling of a deposition provides more time for our court reporter to review the notice of deposition, a key terms list (e.g., technical terms, medical terms, acronyms, etc.), pleadings, interrogatories and copies of previous deposition transcripts.

  1. Minimize costs

Scheduling depositions as far in advance as possible is perhaps the single most important thing you can do to keep expenses to a minimum for your client. Early scheduling enables us to obtain the most economical travel arrangements if the assignment requires rural or overseas travel. It also allows time to book any ancillary services or third-party assistance needed (e.g., a videographer and translators) without paying rush fees.

  1. Continuity of court reporters

Most litigators and paralegals prefer to work with the same service providers whom they have come to know and trust over time. Advance scheduling of depositions allows our court reporting case manager to assign the best reporter for this specific type of litigation. This allows for maximum continuity of service to the client.

  1. Minimize logistical snafus

The last thing you want to worry about is arriving at a location for a deposition and running into logistical snafus that delay or frustrate the process. Early scheduling of depositions allows us sufficient time to book the most convenient conference rooms and then to conduct location testing, which is especially important if remote feeds will be required.

It’s important to understand that not all court reporting firms deliver these five benefits when depositions are scheduled far in advance. This level of service is standard operating practice at Henderson Legal Services.

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Nan Marshall – Vice President, Client Services