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Is Your Remote Streaming Deposition set up for Success?

Remember these battle tested best practices when planning your next virtual deposition

Recently, a live deposition of a key witness was rescheduled as a remote or virtual deposition due to travel restrictions caused by Covid-19. It was a simple request made more complex when the client indicated that fifty attorneys would be attending remotely. By drawing upon the best practices learned from scheduling hundreds of remote depositions, the Henderson Legal Services team was able to meet and exceed expectations for this virtual deposition. Read More

Deposition Options If The Coronavirus Restricts Your Travel

Henderson Legal Services wants our clients to know there are alternatives to traveling to depositions.  While the virus is a recent event, for many years we have been helping hundreds of our clients participate in depositions around the world without attending in person. Read More

Best Practices When Scheduling ITC Depositions

The International Trade Commission (ITC) has emerged as a popular forum for businesses seeking to protect their intellectual property assets worldwide. Indeed, Section 337 investigations at the ITC typically involve high-stakes disputes for patent holders, parties accused of patent infringement claims and third-party business partners. The ITC is also a widely used forum for disputes related to trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. Read More

What Are Your Options When a Weather Emergency Disrupts a Key Deposition?

The North Atlantic hurricane season is a reminder of the havoc such storms wreak on travel plans for critical depositions- especially those to be conducted on a specific date and location. If you have a scheduled deposition that is threatened by a weather emergency, there are some key things your court reporting firm can do to assist you: Read More

3 Benefits of Converting to Digital Exhibits at Depositions

There are two types of electronic exhibits that can be used in depositions. Some are stored on a repository electronically with the transcript, enabling them to be retrieved at a later date. And now lawyers have the ability to access exhibits electronically in real-time during the deposition — something that was previously only possible with paper exhibits. Read More

Best Practices in Data Security for Transcript Management

Data security is a global challenge for all businesses and it is especially critical for in-house counsel and legal service providers. Corporate law departments and law firms are in constant possession of highly sensitive information that could create serious enterprise risks if improperly accessed by unauthorized individuals. Read More

How Advance Preparation of Court Reporters Improves the Client Experience

Litigation teams are often under intense pressure to develop the optimal case strategy, comply with key filing deadlines and confer regularly with their clients every step of the discovery process. With all of these crucial responsibilities to manage, it’s understandable that lawyers and paralegals would be tempted to view court reporting services for their case depositions as a routine task that just involves making a call and scheduling a reporter.  To ensure quality, it’s not that simple. Read More