Managing Depositions in a High-Stakes Trans-Atlantic Arbitration: A Henderson Legal Services Case Study

Pre-hearing discovery in an arbitration matter is typically more limited than in pre-trial discovery, including the taking of interrogatories and depositions. However, when the stakes are high and the legal issues are complex, depositions can be crucial elements of arbitration proceedings.

Henderson Legal Services was recently engaged to manage all court reporting and videography services required in a five month arbitration matter. The case involved depositions to be taken in the United States and Europe and we supported both plaintiff and defense counsel.

First, we coordinated the assignment of experienced court reporters and videographers across the United States and three European countries.  We were careful to select only professionals with local knowledge and the required technical experience.  Henderson’s VP of Client Services (Nan Marshall) was instrumental in coordinating the scheduling  of these resources.

Second, we arranged for certified interpreters to be on hand at multiple depositions to ensure that there would be no communication issues.

Third, the Henderson Legal Services media department professionally edited and synchronized many hours of video for both plaintiff and defense counsel. This required around the clock work (including weekends) in order to meet the aggressive timeline of our clients.

The key to our success with this engagement, however, was our tightly integrated delivery of services. From our sales and client services departments to our calendar and media departments, the Henderson Legal Services team’s coordinated efforts provided a seamless and streamlined experience for all parties. It was this integrated delivery of services that allowed us to meet or beat every deadline on both continents.

International arbitrations are inherently complex and high-pressure.  So, it is important to work with a deposition services provider that has the experience and scale to deliver a superlative experience every time. That requires a team of professionals who take the time to listen to your specific needs and provide expert analysis that will result in the most cost effective solution.

Henderson Legal Services has extensive experience with scheduling and executing depositions around the world for law firms and corporate legal departments engaged in all types of litigation. For more information or to schedule a deposition, please click here or call 877.548.8787.