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Is Your Remote Streaming Deposition set up for Success?

Remember these battle tested best practices when planning your next virtual deposition

Recently, a live deposition of a key witness was rescheduled as a remote or virtual deposition due to travel restrictions caused by Covid-19. It was a simple request made more complex when the client indicated that fifty attorneys would be attending remotely. By drawing upon the best practices learned from scheduling hundreds of remote depositions, the Henderson Legal Services team was able to meet and exceed expectations for this virtual deposition. Read More

Deposition Options If The Coronavirus Restricts Your Travel

Henderson Legal Services wants our clients to know there are alternatives to traveling to depositions.  While the virus is a recent event, for many years we have been helping hundreds of our clients participate in depositions around the world without attending in person. Read More

Why In-House Litigation Counsel Are Embracing Remote Deposition Technology

According to a report from Thomson Reuters, the top priority of legal departments is controlling the costs of outside counsel[1]. That’s no surprise, considering that 68 percent of legal departments are taking on more work without corresponding budgetary increases. Meanwhile, hourly rates for outside counsel are rising for 71 percent of survey respondents. In order to cope with this disparity, legal departments of all sizes are leaning heavily on technology to improve efficiency. Of the many solutions available, remote deposition streaming is one of the most promising. Read More

Henderson Legal Services Retains Greg Mazares to Expand National Sales Team

ARLINGTON, Va.Aug. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Henderson Legal Services, Inc., a leading global provider of deposition and related services to corporations, law firms, and government entities, today announced that Gregory J. Mazares has been retained as Executive Vice President of Sales to expand, train, and manage the company’s national sales team.  In this capacity, Mazares will provide experienced senior leadership of sales.  He is based in Los Angeles, CA. Read More

So, Where Do You Work?

It’s a common question we all get asked. At parties. By relatives.  By neighbors.

There are two answers to this question.  There is the “where do I go every day to work” answer and there is the “where is my work conducted” answer. Read More

Best Advice Ever For Deposing A Witness

Throughout our many years at Henderson Legal Services, we have arranged close to 100,000 depositions. I have been honored to work with many of our nation’s outstanding attorneys from some of the world’s great law firms both large and small.  As a “fly on the wall” so to speak, I have been privy to how these men and women have prepared for and successfully deposed their witnesses. The list of great advice I have gleaned from these legal legends would be a long one.  Read More