More In-House Counsel Utilize Remote Streaming of Depositions to Improve Efficiencies and Achieve Cost Savings

Chip Henderson, Chief Executive Officer

Kathy Hatcher, Vice President of Major Accounts

In-house counsel face pressure from corporate management to increase efficiency and cut and control costs of discovery. One of the principal strategies for achieving these strategic goals is to leverage technologies; two in three corporate law departments adopted new technology tools last year in order to improve processes, according to the 2018 Altman Weil Chief Legal Officer Survey.

We are finding that more and more corporations are asking their in-house legal departments to be more involved in the discovery process. One technological innovation that has now matured to the point of being a reliable option for corporate counsel is the ability of in-house attorneys to view depositions remotely with the use of live streaming feeds.

Of course, live streaming is not new, but a couple of developments in recent years have led many in-house counsel to become more comfortable with the technology. First, the broadband technology that enables streaming has improved considerably in the past few years, making live feeds more consistent and less vulnerable to drops in quality. Second, video conferencing and real-time mobile apps have become more accepted as a normal medium for communications, so viewing depositions remotely is no longer a major stretch for both in-house counsel and their outside law firms.

There are several key features that our in-house counsel clients realize from the use of this remote streaming technology:

  1. View and evaluate key witness depositions when business travel is inconvenient or not possible.
  2. Enable in-house counsel to watch live testimony and communicate via IM (instant messaging) with their outside counsel who are on-site.


* Reduce costs

In-person depositions are inevitable, but the use of remote depositions on occasion helps to cut back on travel expenses for in-house legal department members who might otherwise feel the need to personally attend depositions.

* Real-time collaboration

Streaming depositions allows in-house counsel in multiple locations to view testimony simultaneously and communicate in real-time (via instant messaging) with each other and with the litigators conducting the deposition.

* Support joint defense groups

Live streaming depositions enables both in-house and outside counsel for the various parties in a joint defense group to monitor key depositions remotely from their individual offices and view all exhibits electronically, supporting their respective “litigate or settle” decision making.

* Maximize time efficiency

In-house counsel can stay abreast of testimony in multiple locations — perhaps even related to multiple pending matters — when business travel is inconvenient or not possible.  Remote depositions via live streaming enables in-house counsel to be “present” for a key deposition without ever leaving their office.

Security Concerns

One common question we are asked by our clients relates to security concerns with streaming video. Henderson Legal Services uses a web-based “legal” streaming tool that was specifically designed for the intensive data security requirements of commercial litigation.

This technology is far more secure and trustworthy than conventional video conferencing tools (e.g., Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc.), plus it provides a real-time text feed that can be annotated with notes and highlights as the deposition proceeds. All privileged communication between counsel is wiped clean at the end of the deposition so the internal collaboration remains confidential and non-discoverable.

In summary, Henderson Legal Services’ remote deposition streaming technology allows corporate counsel to efficiently participate in the discovery process, effectively collaborate with outside counsel, and materially reduce cost and time away from the office/home.

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Chip Henderson, Chief Executive Officer

Kathy Hatcher, Vice President of Major Accounts

Chip Henderson

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder