Best Practices in Data Security for Transcript Management

Data security is a global challenge for all businesses and it is especially critical for in-house counsel and legal service providers. Corporate law departments and law firms are in constant possession of highly sensitive information that could create serious enterprise risks if improperly accessed by unauthorized individuals.

This risk profile extends to vendors and suppliers to both in-house counsel and their outside law firms — including your deposition services providers. Court reporting firms are often managing deposition transcripts that contain confidential testimony related to undisclosed settlements, exhibits that could be leaked and published, personally identifiable information associated with attorneys and witnesses, and other sensitive information that might be a target of hackers.

It is essential for in-house counsel and law firms to work with a court reporting firm that has the size and scale to allocate sufficient resources toward state-of-the-art data security protocols. The risk to your clients is simply too great to ignore this potential weak link in your litigation management ecosystem.

Here are some best practices that Henderson Legal Services has developed over the years and now deploys for our clients’ protection every day:

*          Transcript files are transmitted using 256-bit SSL encryption in secure, SSAE 16 audited data centers;

*          Client data is stored on servers using 256-bit AES encryption;

*          All servers are firewall-protected and routinely updated with latest security patches;

*          All file uploads and downloads are encrypted using SSL/TLS encryption;

*          Unique usernames and passwords are required to access the online repository;

*          Passwords are hashed to prevent unauthorized use or access;

*          Accounts are locked after reaching a set limit of failed attempts;

*          Access control prevents unauthorized physical entry to office and data centers;

*          Our facilities keep active logs to monitor any suspicious activities; and

*          We conduct periodic penetration tests to identify any possible weaknesses and confirm data security protocols.

These types of practices are not standard among all deposition service providers, so it is important to ask some tough data security questions before entrusting your depositions to any court reporting firm. Henderson Legal Services uses end-to-end data encryption, proven technology platforms that are compliant with all relevant information security standards and government security models, maintains 24/7 access control to client data, and backs up these practices with vigilant ongoing data security policies and procedures.

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