5 Ways that Law Firms Benefit from Remote Streaming of Depositions

In a previous post, we discussed the emergence of live streaming depositions as a technological innovation that is helping to reduce litigation expenses, maximize productivity, and improve collaboration between in-house and outside counsel.

In that article, we reviewed some of the key features that our in-house counsel clients realize from the use of this remote streaming technology, such as: the ability to view and evaluate key witness depositions when business travel is inconvenient or not possible; and how in-house counsel are able to watch live testimony and communicate via IM (instant messaging) with their outside counsel who are on-site.

This post will review five key benefits that our law firm clients have experienced by embracing Henderson Legal Services’ remote streaming depositions technology offering:

  1. Reduce travel expenses

Many clients are demanding that their law firms look for creative ways to reduce expenses related to litigation. The time and cost of travel for multiple lawyers to take depositions can add up quickly. Remote streaming depositions allows law firms to minimize the number of lawyers needing to travel to conduct in-person depositions.

  1. Eliminate risk of travel delays

Lawyers are notorious for working long hours and keeping packed calendars with little margin for error. Travel delays caused by unexpected developments — such as winter storms or airplane mechanical problems — can wreak havoc on productivity and billable hours and potentially force the cancellation of important depositions. Remote streaming technology provides an important back-up option for lawyers to participate from any location with an internet connection, eliminating the possibility of delays.

  1. Allow litigators to cover more ground

In one recent case that we managed for a law firm client, the lead partner on the matter was able to take a deposition from her home in Boston, while her associate was present in Hong Kong with the court reporting team and the witness. This allowed her to depose this important witness at 9 pm Eastern Time and then be present at another deposition scheduled for the very next day at her office in Boston. “This technology allowed me to be in two places at one time,” she told us.  Remote streaming of depositions optimizes attorney productivity and reduces the wear-and-tear caused by constant travel.

  1. Associate training tool

Most law firms invest in cultivating the litigation skills of their younger lawyers. One way they have done that in the past was to send junior litigators to attend depositions conducted by senior lawyers in the firm, an expense of time and money the firm typically must absorb. Remote streaming depositions can be used as an excellent mentoring and training tool for the newest law firm associates, enabling them to watch the live stream from their offices and take notes for future discussion with their mentors. Likewise, senior partners can watch the performance of associates they have assigned to conduct depositions, evaluating their skills and sharing insights when they return to the office.

  1. Competitive advantage

In an increasingly competitive law firm marketplace, corporate clients evaluate the extent to which their outside law firms are focused on innovation, driving improvements in efficiency and reducing cost. The use of remote deposition streaming technology can serve as a competitive advantage for law firms that embrace this leading-edge technology versus other law firms that are more resistant to change.

It is important to emphasize that the underlying technology used by Henderson Legal Services is a web-based streaming tool specifically designed for the stringent data security requirements of litigation. This tool is far more secure than a commercial video conferencing app, such as Zoom or Google Hangouts, and all privileged communication between counsel is wiped clean at the end of each deposition. All work product remains confidential and non-discoverable.

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