What Are Your Options When a Weather Emergency Disrupts a Key Deposition?

The North Atlantic hurricane season is a reminder of the havoc such storms wreak on travel plans for critical depositions- especially those to be conducted on a specific date and location. If you have a scheduled deposition that is threatened by a weather emergency, there are some key things your court reporting firm can do to assist you:

  • Emergency support

Weather emergencies are around-the-clock incidents, not minor annoyances that occur during business hours. When a major weather event disrupts travel schedules for our clients, Henderson Legal Services activates a 24/7 live support line to assist clients who need to make alternative plans.

  • Dedicated response team

Your court reporting firm should designate an emergency client response team prepared to work after hours and through weekends to assist with last-minute changes to deposition schedules or travel plans. For example, we created a Hurricane Irma Response Team in 2017 and those Henderson Legal Services professionals helped our clients via phone, text message and even a dedicated online portal.

  • Flexible deposition options

There are alternatives to conventional depositions that your court reporting firm can spin up in the event of a travel emergency, such as telephonic depositions. Also, you may be able to record the proceeding, send the court reporting firm the audio file, and ask them to turn around a complete transcription. There is an array of flexible deposition options for any budget or circumstance.

  • Low-cost remote streaming

Remote streaming technology provides an important back-up option for lawyers to participate from any location with an internet connection, eliminating the problem of traveling during inclement weather. Your court reporting firm should be willing to extend this option to you during a weather emergency for little or no cost. For more information about Henderson Legal Services’ remote streaming tool, please click here.

Henderson Legal Services has assisted more than 80 percent of the AmLaw 200 law firms — and dozens of government agencies and Fortune 500 companies — to manage key depositions through all sorts of disruptions and changing circumstances. For more information or to schedule a deposition, please click here or call 877.548.8787.