Deposition Trends to Watch for in 2018

Henderson Legal Services analyzes key deposition trends and gathers feedback from thousands of attorneys. We share these insights to keep you current on new technologies and to offer practical, economical solutions for your practice.

The demand for Internet-based deposition streaming increased substantially from 2016. Attorneys and their corporate counsel are more frequently attending depositions remotely.

Some of the reasons they give for remote attendance:

  • Remote deposition streaming means I don’t need to reschedule if the weather is bad
  • My corporate clients are very cost-conscious. Streaming allows me to reduce travel costs for depositions I don’t need to attend in person.
  • Corporate counsel are getting more involved in discovery. This service enables them to participate in depositions without traveling.
  • We frequently have experts view depositions remotely – providing key insights in real-time via the secure chat feature.
  • We can upload thousands of exhibits for any deposition – no lugging boxes and no delivery costs.
  • This technology allows any member of our Joint Defense Group to participate remotely, saving time and money.

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